Broner: Working Towards My Goals And Dreams No Matter How Hard It May Be

Adrien Broner has turned over a new leaf and is officially in fight mode.

It’s a storyline that has preceded every ring appearance in recent years, to the point of many in the industry simply tuning out the claim. This time around, however, the former four-division titlist has witnesses to the journey on which he has embarked and has chosen to share with his public.

“Good morning today I ran 6 miles in 54 minutes. Y’all, it’s not hard to change your life,” Broner revealed in a heartfelt statement released through his social media channels on Monday. “I went from overweight 57 pounds waking up not even drinking water first and I take a shot of 1942 and start drinking for the rest of the day to waking up one day at a time and telling myself I’m [gonna] change this shit and become what I know I can be.

“That is [to be] “One of the Best Boxers EVER” and I didn’t look back. Now, I’m months in and liquor free and over 30 pounds down. If you know me [then] you know I love to drink but I LOVE my family and money more!”

Broner (33-4-1, 24KOs) has been out of the ring since a 12-round loss to Manny Pacquiao in their Showtime Pay-Per-View headliner last January at MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The bout was the third straight where the Cincinnati native failed to post a win, having not accomplished as much since a 10-round split decision over Adrian Granados in a February 2017 hometown headliner.

That night was followed by a 12-round loss to then-unbeaten Mikey Garcia in July 2017, a competitive and entertaining 10-round draw with Jessie Vargas in April 2018 followed by the aforementioned defeat to Pacquiao. Over that stretch and in the near two-years which have followed his last fight have come headlines for all the wrong reasons, with Broner either getting arrested or named as the defendant in a major lawsuit.

On every occasion, the now 31-year old has vowed to be a changed man and to get his act together. There was a dark period, however, where Broner was all but ready to give up and just accept whatever fate he felt was in store.

A corner appears to have been turned in recent weeks, as Broner has holed up in South Florida where he remains hard at work for a yet-to-be-determined fight date in the first quarter of 2021. Preliminary plans called for a showdown with Ivan Redkach in January, though the date—if not the fight altogether—is no longer on the table. Returning to the ring within the next three months, however, is very much a real possibility, with the still-marketable boxer putting in the necessary work to prepare for the next chapter of his wild career.

“12 rounds in the bank today; 8 with 4x division world champion Adrien Broner,” noted Xander Zayas (6-0, 5KOs), an 18-year old rising welterweight prospect whom has enjoyed sessions with Broner, two-division titlist Gervonta Davis and many others in recent weeks.

The claim was accompanied by who posted online workout pictures with an in-shape present-day version of the former champ at Centeno’s Sweatbox Boxing Gym in Davie, Florida, where Zayas trains daily.

“Great experience,” noted Zayas. “Adrien Broner is in shape and training hard every day.”

The recent sparring session with the young gun was just a small step on Broner’s quest for peace of mind, body and soul.

“I was unhappy and depressed and now I’m not as happy as I want to be,” notes Broner. “[B]ut I’m working towards my goals and dreams no matter how hard it may be.

“I will get there and I ain’t ask for a handout or help! Sometimes you have to do things on your own and you will enjoy the results MORE. I love y’all.”

Most importantly, Broner is back to a place where he truly loves himself. No matter what comes of the rest of his boxing career, that personal victory has been a long time coming.


Noel Galang – Kamao TV

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