Porter: I Can Definitely See Crawford Making Move To PBC; Have A Feeling Arum Knows

Bob Arum’s criticism of Terence Crawford following his knockout of Kell Brook surprised Shawn Porter.

The former IBF and WBC welterweight champion thinks Arum should’ve complimented Crawford to make his undefeated fighter feel like he is still a promotional priority for Arum’s Top Rank Inc. Instead, Arum claimed he continually loses money promoting Crawford’s fights and expressed uncertainty regarding whether he wants to continue working with the unbeaten WBO welterweight champion.

If Crawford were to join Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions when his contract with Top Rank expires in 2021, it’d be easier for Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) to make fights with Porter and Errol Spence Jr. Porter is the number one contender for Crawford’s championship and Spence (27-0, 21 KOs), the IBF and WBC 147-pound champ, is the opponent the vast majority of boxing fans want Crawford to fight next.

Porter (31-3-1, 17 KOs), who also is an analyst for FOX Sports, assessed Crawford’s situation during an appearance on “The Last Stand Podcast, With Brian Custer.” The episode featuring Porter premiered Monday night on YouTube.

“He’s gonna make a business decision and he’s gonna do what’s best for him,” Porter said in reference to Crawford. “I mean, people don’t understand this, but when I called him and talked to him in July or whatever, we were on the phone for 30 minutes to almost an hour. And it wasn’t just talking about boxing. We were talking about our lives, our families. Like we have a genuine friendship, and I respect that and appreciate that, which is why I’m gonna, with anybody else, I’ll get in the ring and call you out. If you Danny Garcia, I’ll show up in your backyard and [the same with] Errol Spence Jr. But with him, I just really appreciate him as a person. So, when we talked, it was not just about boxing. So, I know him. So, I’m just saying that to say I know him.

“When it comes time for him to extend his contract with Top Rank or decide whatever he’s gonna do, he’s gonna make a business decision based on what’s best for his career and what’s best for his family. I definitely can see him making a move to PBC because this is where the money can be made, and this is where the biggest fights can be made.”

The 33-year-old Porter suspects Arum was oddly vocal in criticizing Crawford last month because Arum might be resigned to Crawford leaving Top Rank for PBC. Other than trying again to put together a Crawford-Manny Pacquiao fight, which also could be made through PBC, Top Rank doesn’t have any prominent welterweights under contract to offer Crawford as an option for his next fight.

“If you’re Bob Arum, I got a feeling Bob Arum is understanding that [Crawford] may be ready to make that move,” Porter explained. “And because it’s gonna happen, [Arum figures] I’m just gonna say how I feel. I don’t think he should do that. I think anybody’s who’s wanting to keep their client, they’re gonna wine and dine their client, and do whatever it takes to keep their client. So, I’ve got a feeling Bob knows what’s gonna happen. I think Bob’s just gonna take some shots anyway, because he feels like the inevitable’s gonna happen. However, I don’t feel that what he said was right. I don’t agree with it. All those type of things, you keep in house. You never let that kind of stuff out, because once it gets out, now you and I are talking about it.

“Everybody’s gonna talk about it and now, if Terence Crawford decides to stay with Top Rank, now you’ve gotta mend all these different things that you’ve said. That’s gonna be the topic of discussion. Nobody’s gonna talk about, ‘Oh, he stayed with Bob.’ Everyone’s gonna talk about, ‘Why he stayed with Bob? Why is he staying with you?’ You know, so I think that – I really do have a feeling that Bob is like, ‘Hey, the inevitable is about to happen. Let me just take these shots anyway.’ But it’s something I just think he should’ve left at home.”

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