Roy Jones: I Thought I Did Enough Boxing On The Outside To Win

The contest had modified rules, with two-minute rounds and gloves that were larger than regulation.

Tyson, 54-years-old and a former undisputed heavyweight champion, retired from the sport in 2005. And Jones, 51-years-old and a former four division champion, last fought in early 2018.

Jones seemed to be exhausted after a few rounds and resorted to holding every time Tyson charged in to do work.

Tyson clearly outworked and outlanded Jones in the bout – and many observers had scored the majority of the fight in his favor.

But Jones felt that he had done enough to win the fight. He felt the draw verdict justifies a rematch.

“Hell no, I ain’t ever satisfied with a draw,” Jones said. “I wear draws, I don’t do draws. I like him, but the dude is so strong, man. And I understand why they say some things are bucket list. Because when he hits you – if it’s his head, his punches, his body shots, don’t matter – everything hurts.

“So, for me, I thought I did enough boxing on the outside to do the job, but I’m cool with a draw. It means we just might have to try to do it again.”


Noel Galang – Kamao TV

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