Tyson vs Jones weigh-in video, photos, and results: Mike Tyson 220, Roy Jones Jr 210 for exhibition bout

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are ready for their Saturday night exhibition fight on pay-per-view.

Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr are set for Saturday night’s pay-per-view exhibition fight (which you can order here), with the two legends weighing in today in California.

The 54-year-old Tyson weighed in at 220.4, with the 51-year-old Jones at 210 even. That’s the heaviest Jones has ever been for a fight in his career; even when he beat John Ruiz for the WBA heavyweight title back in 2003, Jones weighed in at 193, putting on some bulk from his normal 175 at the time, but opting to maintain as much of his speed as he could, which turned out to be the right idea.

How to Watch Tyson vs Jones

Date: Saturday, Nov. 28 | Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Location: Staples Center – Los Angeles, CA
TV: PPV ($49.99) | Stream: FITE TV PPV ($49.99)
Live Online Coverage: BadLeftHook.com

Previously, Jones’ heaviest weight came in 2015, when he weighed 204 for a fight against club fighter Eric Watkins. He last fought as a pro in 2018 in a cruiserweight win over Scott Sigmon at home in Pensacola, Florida. He has a career record of 66-9 (47 KO), though of course Saturday’s bout will not count toward his pro record.

Nor will it count for Tyson, obviously, who hasn’t fought since 2005 and has a career record of 50-6 (44 KO). Once arguably the biggest active sports star on the planet, Tyson’s return to the ring in any form has attracted considerable buzz. People really seem to just want to see what he can still do, even if it’s an exhibition. (And it is an exhibition, to avoid any confusion.)

Tyson was weighing in the low 230s when he was last fighting, and obviously ballooned up in weight for a while after he retired, but his hard work has been noted many times in the lead-up to this fight, and it showed on the scales.

Obviously this is not peak condition for either man, but these are men in their 50s.

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