De La Hoya on Canelo: ‘I’ve Built A Superstar…I Should Feel Proud Of That’

Oscar De La Hoya is choosing to look on the sunny side of life after cutting ties with longtime client Canelo Alvarez in what has been perhaps the most high-profile boxing break-up in recent memory.

The head of Golden Boy Promotions recently came to an amicable separation agreement with Alvarez, the biggest North American draw in the sport, after Alvarez sued De La Hoya, Golden Boy, and broadcast partner DAZN for breach of contract back in September. De La Hoya and Alvarez have been openly feuding for more than a year and it was widely believed that the relationship was not salvageable. Eddie Reynoso, the longtime trainer of Alvarez, will now handle all promotional-related endeavors for his charge.

Meanwhile, De La Hoya, who is currently mulling a family vacation in Puerto Rico, says the heartache is gone and that he is now focusing on the accomplishments he achieved for Alvarez.

“First couple of weeks I was a little down on myself,” De La Hoya said on The 3 Knockdown Rule podcast, “thinking what did I do wrong, what did the company do wrong to deserve this, but when you’re transparent and when you do everything right, correct, and all the cards are laid out, it’s like you can feel good about yourself and say, ‘I’ve built a great champion, I’ve built a superstar. I got him the biggest contract in sports history.’ I should feel proud of that. I’m over it, I’m good.”

In 2018, Alvarez, then a Golden Boy fighter, signed a record $365 million deal with upstart streaming platform DAZN.

After briefly exploring the possibility of facing 168-pound titleholder Caleb Plant in a Premier Boxing Champions pay-per-event, Alvarez announced Tuesday that his next fight will be against Callum Smith on Dec. 19, and that it will be streamed exclusively by DAZN; Golden Boy will not be involved. According to various reports, Golden Boy, which has a stable of more than 80 fighters, including the likes of Ryan Garcia, Vergil Ortiz, and Jaime Munguia, will most likely continue to serve as a content provider for DAZN.

“I’m sure fighters always think that the grass is greener on the other side” said De La Hoya. “Unfortunately, most of those fighters that think that way always come back to this side of the road. Look, I wish (Alvarez) all the best. I’m sure it wasn’t his decision. I’m sure it’s people around him, people maybe that got into his ear.”

De La Hoya admitted that negotiations with Alvarez did not get very far – the crux of the contention was that DAZN, citing the ongoing pandemic, wanted to lower its contractual fee of $35 million per fight with Alvarez. But De La Hoya also seemed to imply that Alvarez would have trouble extracting the kind of remuneration he desires on the open market. 

“I think it wasn’t close (getting back together during negotiations),” De La Hoya said. “When you have a fighter convinced for some reason then it’s hard for him to go back on his decision because look fighters are very proud. I wish him all the best. If somebody promised him more than what we had for him or offered him, and (he) doesn’t get it, it’s not going to look good. When you’re a fighter, you’re stubborn.”

“Look, we’re going to keep doing what we’re going to do,” De La Hoya continued. “We have an amazing stable of prospects and champions. I’m really excited about all of our potential to really create the next superstars. It’s going to be fun.”


Noel Galang – Kamao TV

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