Estrada Gets Off The Floor, Drops Cuadras Twice and Stops Him in Eleventh

Azteca Studios, Mexico City – In a grudge rematch, for the WBC super flyweight title, Juan Francisco Estrada (41-3, 28 KOs) got off the floor to eventually break down and stop Carlos Cuadras (39-4, 27 KOs) in the eleventh round.

They first meet in September of 2019, Estrada won a razor-thin twelve round decision with three scores of 114-113. Estrada scored a knockdown in the tenth, which became the determining factor in a very close fight.

Cuadras started fast in the first round. Estrada was countering well as Cuadras was pushing forward. More close action in the second and third, as both hand their moments. The third was close as well, but at the end of the round Cuadras dropped Estrada with a two-punch combination.

Estrada started taking the fight to Cuadras in the fourth, throwing a lot of big punches. It was all-out action as Cuadras was fighting him off. There was more warfare in the fifth. Both were landing heavy shots. The sixth saw Estrada hurt Cuadras to the body and he was really coming on with heavy punches. Estrada’s nose was bleeding, but he was unloading with accurate punches.

Estrada continued to land the accurate shots in the seventh. There was a clash of heads that opened up a cut above the left eye of Cuadras. There was a lot of punches being exchanged in the eight, with Cuadras getting rocked at least twice in the round – especially when he was hurt with a liver shot. They came out fast in the ninth, with Estrada unloading the more accurate punches.

Cuadras was doing well in the tenth by moving and throwing, and opened up a cut above the left eye of Estrada. At the start of the eleventh, Estrada landed a heavy amount of punches to drop Cuadras. He beat the count, bu he was in big trouble and dropped for a second time from a combination. Estrada went for the finish and Cuadras was really hurt, but trying his best to fight him off. Estrada continued to land big shots and the referee jumped in to wave off the fight.



Noel Galang – Kamao TV

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