Amir Khan Says Terence Crawford Can Beat Floyd Mayweather

Terence Crawford has won a fan for life after defeating Amir Khan a year ago by a sixth-round stoppage in April 2019. The former IBF/WBA light-welterweight champion Khan (34-5, 21 KOs) rates Crawford highly after his defeat, and he says he’s superior to every fighter he’s faced as a professional, which includes Canelo Alvarez.

Khan says he thinks Crawford would beat Floyd Mayweather Jr, and he gives him a shot at defeating Errol Spence Jr and Manny Pacquiao as well. However, Khan doesn’t say whether he thinks that Crawford (36-0, 27 KOs) would have beaten Mayweather in his prime.

That’s a different story than saying Crawford would defeat Mayweather now, given that he’s 43-years-old and hasn’t faced a real professional boxer since 2015.

Mayweather’s last fight against a real fighter was against shopworn Andre Berto, and that was five years ago. Since then, Mayweather fought against UFC fighter Conor McGregor in 2017, which was sanctioned as a professional match by the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

Few boxing fans would agree that Crawford is a better fighter than a prime Mayweather. He’s considerably slower than Mayweather was in his prime, and his counter-punching game wouldn’t be as effective against him.

Khan Raves About Crawford

“Look, when I was in the ring with him, after one or to rounds, I started to get my rhythm, but I have to say he’s the best fighter I’ve faced,” said Amir Khan to Fighthub about Terence Crawford. I’ve faced the likes of Canelo.

“Every fighter I’ve lost previously is when I was up on points, and obviously got caught with a big shot and was knocked out or whatever. With Crawford, his timing was so on point.

“What a great fighter he was, a technician. His timing was amazing, and everything he had about the game plan that he had with the game plan for the fight.

Khan said that Crawford is the best fighter he’s faced doesn’t mean that he believes that he would beat Canelo. If Khan believes that, then it’s troubling. Crawford would be too weak and too light for him to defeat a tremendous puncher like Canelo.

Khan was doing well against Crawford last year up until the fight was halted after he hit him with a low blow. When you compare what Briedis Prescott, Canelo, and Danny Garcia all did to Khan in beating him, you can’t agree that Crawford is the best he’s faced.

If you go by results, Crawford isn’t the best. It took him six rounds to stop Khan, and he did it with a lot of blow. At the time, it looked like Crawford lost his cool after Khan started to have some success in landing shots in the sixth.

The next thing you know it, Crawford hit Khan with a shot well below the belt, and it looked intentional to some boxing fans. Only Crawford knows if he hit Khan low out of frustration or if it was accidental.


Noel Galang – Kamao TV

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