‘F***ing joke’: Boxing legend lashes Jeff Horn’s trainer ahead of clash

Australian boxing legend Jeff Fenech has taken a stunning swipe at Jeff Horn’s trainer ahead of his much-hyped showdown with Tim Tszyu.

Former WBO welterweight champion Horn meets unbeaten world-ranked super welterweight Tsyzu at Queensland Country Bank Stadium, Tszyu to start favourite against the man who upset Manny Pacquiao three years ago.

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But 24 hours before their showdown, Fenech has weighed into the debate and claimed Horn will come out on top, this is all despite of his trainer Glenn Rushton.

Rushton has been with Horn since he defeated boxing legend Pacquiao in Brisbane.

But Fenech claims the trainer doesn’t help Horn’s case and doesn’t provide him sound advice.

“Early on in the piece, I thought Tim could win this, because honestly I don’t think Jeff gets any instructions at all during his fights,” Fenech told Fox Sports.

“You can watch them all. He goes back to his corner, and whether he’s won a round or lost it, his trainer says he wins, which is pretty sad, because to think what he’s achieved on his own, it makes it even more special for Jeff Horn.”

Fenech went on to claim Rushton had “no idea” when it came to training Horn.

“He holds the pads, and Jeff Horn doesn’t even hit them … I watched it a couple of weeks ago, and I was like, ‘Is this a f***ing joke?’ He’s not even hitting the pads. He’s hitting him on the arms, on the forearms, on the chest; it’s just crazy,” he said.

Rushton responded and said he “doesn’t take too much notice” of Fenech’s comments.

Horn and Tszyu argue over walkout order

There have been plenty of sideshows ahead of the bout, with Monday’s press conference beginning with another faux argument about who should walk out second.

It’s likely Horn will get the honour despite Tszyu being the current Australian belt holder.

“I do think I probably deserve to walk out second to Tim,” Horn said at the final press conference.

“I’ve won the belts that are sitting in front of him before. I’ve won better belts than what he’s got.”

ORIGINAL POST: https://au.sports.yahoo.com/boxing-jeff-fenech-blasts-horns-trainer-before-tszyu-bout-004658084.html

Noel Galang – Kamao TV

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