Zerafa: Jeff Horn Will Beat ‘Boring, One-Dimensional’ Tim Tszyu!

Junior middleweight Michael Zerafa is backing former foe Jeff Horn to overcome unbeaten Tim Tszyu.

Horn, a former WBO welterweight champion, will be facing unbeaten rising star Tszyu in a high-stakes fight between two Australian rivals on August 26 at the Queensland Country Bank Stadium.

Zerafa stopped Horn last year, but then lost in their fall rematch. He hopes to get a trilogy fight in the future.

Zefara finds the 25-year-old Tszyu to be boring in the ring and doesn’t view him as a threat in the weight class.

He says the young fighter is only being pushed heavy due to his famous last name – as the son of former world champion Kostya Tszyu.

“I fell asleep. He can’t string a sentence together. It sounds like he’s talking underwater. He’s the most boring fighter I’ve ever seen,” Zerafa said to the Sydney Morning Herald. “I’m hoping he’s putting it on (for the media) and he’s not like that outside of boxing.

“I’m not going to knock his ability. He’s up and coming. But if you took his last name away, he wouldn’t have this fight. He’s growing each fight, he’s looking good but I think Horn beats him with his awkwardness and toughness. I’m looking forward to it but the real fight is with me, either the finale of trilogy with Horn or a blockbuster with Tszyu.

“Tszyu had a four-fight plan that I was in… he stuck to three of those fights and ducked me. He calls himself a fighter but he ducked me. I’d be all over him like a rash. He’s a one-dimensional fighter. Take nothing away from him, he will be something good. But not now, not while I’m around in these divisions, he won’t be able to beat me.

“You have to clean up your backyard first, like I did, like Horn did. You take away Tszyu’s last name, you’d ask ‘Tim who’? Who’s he beaten? He fought Joel Camilleri who is tough and Dwight Ritchie, rest his soul. Who else? He fought Wade Ryan, who is a tough journeyman, who I believe beat him. He put him down on the canvas in the first round and I think Tszyu lost that fight.”

ORIGINAL POST: https://www.boxingscene.com/zerafa-jeff-horn-beat-boring-one-dimensional-tim-tszyu–150204

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