Tyson Fury spar partner, ‘The New Deontay Wilder’ exposes glove theory

American heavyweight Jared Anderson, labeled ‘The New Deontay Wilder’ recently, has taken apart the glove conspiracy aimed at Tyson Fury. ‘Big Baby’ shared plenty of round with Fury during the build-up to his rematch with Wilder. Anderson has now moved to pour cold water on claims he tampered with his attire.

Fury has been accused by several YouTubers pitching cheating claims to their followers. But in a bid to expose the truth, Anderson said Fury does exactly the same in the gym. “I thought it was blasphemy,” Anderson told Pro Boxing Fans. “I thought it was just ridiculous.

“Because me being a sparring partner and me seeing and me watching him and the way he punches, he did everything he did in the gym. “My coach always told me, ‘what you do in the gym, you’ll do in a fight’. He did everything he did in the gym in that fight. “So the way his gloves open, the way he opens his hands, he open hand punches. (That’s because) he just has strong hands.

“He hasn’t broken his hand yet doing it. But everything he did in that fight he does in the gym. “There’s no different glove or anything in his glove or anything like that. He’s just good.”

Video of Fury getting his hands wrapped and being watched like a hawk by Wilder trainer Jay Deas and the Commission has done little to deter those pushing the controversy. Theories have been evident for both Wilder bouts involving Fury, despite the first fight going off without a hitch. It was only when Fury defeated Wilder that the video posts took a more sinister turn.


As for Anderson, the 4-0 puncher has been tipped for a bright future. Possibly even a run at the world heavyweight title himself. Winning all his bouts via knockout and spending less than seven minutes inside the ropes, Anderson is just 20 years old and has plenty of time to improve. Furthermore, spending time training alongside the likes of Fury will only help his development.

ORIGINAL POST: https://www.worldboxingnews.net/2020/07/09/tyson-fury-new-deontay-wilder-gloves/

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