Why John Riel Casimero should stay in the US

Johnriel Casimero should continue to stay in the US and wait for the arrival of Naoya Inoue to firm up their still to be rescheduled world bantamweight title unification under Bob Arum’s Top Rank Promotions.

With Japan resuming boxing this month, there is the likelihood that Naoya Inoue could get the clearance to fly in to the States anytime to fulfill his commitments to Top Rank.

The two were supposed to meet last April 25 in their grand championship debut in the US ring but the coronavirus pandemic forced its cancellation.

Their fight is yet to be finally rescheduled by Top Rank and the presence of both Casimero and especially of Inoue in the US will be a strong indication of their readiness and willingness to pursue the title unification to its conclusion the soonest possible time.

Both have been out of the ring since November of last year.

It is therefore not a good idea for Casimero to come back home to the Philippines. The timing is bad as Inoue could plane in to the US anytime soon. It would look bad if the main attraction, Inoue would be there and Casimero, his opponent is not or no longer around.

As the saying goes, out of sight, out of mind.

Casimero cannot risk any that could be misconstrued as sign of disinterest with Inoue and especially the promoter Arum. Never mind that the contracts have been signed. It is as another saying goes, not set in stone.

Inoue and especially Arum could change their mind.

Note that Emmanuel Navarette, another Top Rank main ward has earlier expressed desire to meet Inoue in defense of his super bantamweight title before he moves up to the featherweight.

Inoue though has not shown sign of interest. Thus far.

Arum has been busy since boxing returns in the US, staging fights behind closed doors in the first phase of a two phased plan that is intended to bring back live arena boxing under a new normal protocol.

Thus far, it has been successful enough for the second phase of the plan to follow. Arum may be laying the foundation for boxing’s big bang comeback by August or September featuring Terrence Crawford and Inoue, his current 1-2 punch.

Casimero has to stay around to ensure that he will still be in the ticket.

With Arum unable to land Manny Pacquiao, not even Yurdenis Ugas to fight Crawford, he may be constrained to focus now on Inoue.

For sure, the interest is there for the Inoue-Casimero fight but you can never be sure what goes in the mind of Arum.

Arum is noted for his penchant for in-house fights and Navarette, like Inoue is a top in-house fighter.

Just stating a fact.

ORIGINAL POST: http://www.nowboxing.com/2020/07/johnriel-casimero-should-stay-in-the-usa-as-naoya-inoue-could-fly-in-anytime/42016/

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