Ryan Garcia Sends Jake Paul To The HOSPITAL After Body Shot Challenge

Ryan Garcia reports that he sent Youtube celebrity Jake Paul to the hospital today after he was injured during the body shot challenge. Ryan says Jake was sent to the hospital via ambulance. No word on how hurt Jake was from the shots.

Some fans on social media are saying it was fake, and a staged event, but it doesn’t look that way. You can hear the impact and see the force in Ryan’s shots to the midsection of Jake Paul.

His reaction is exactly what you would think it would be getting hit to the body without a protector. Paul looked like he was in sheer pain from the body shot.

The dominant Garcia, who could be the biggest puncher in the 135-pound division, hurt Jake with a powerful left to the body during a body shot challenge done without him wearing a protector over his midsection.

Moments after the #2 WBA, #3 WBC ranked lightweight contender Ryan Garcia landed a tremendous left to the body of Jake Paul, he turned around wordlessly and walked over to the wall and stood with a look of pain on his face.

You can only wonder what went through Jake’s mind for him to volunteer to take a body shot challenge without a protector. Ryan isn’t some Joe from the street that doesn’t know how to punch, and probably have a lot of power.

He’s one-punch knockout artist, and you don’t fool around with those type of fighters for body shot challenges.

“Jake Paul – *disclaimer I took six punches before this and still can’t breathe.”

That sounds like right what Jake says about him taking six shots instead of one. When Ryan Garcia does body shot challenges, he nails his victims repeatedly with left hands until they often crumble in pain. Ryan hitting Jake Paul six times sounds like the norm for him.

You’ve got to give Jake Paul a ton of mad respect for him daring to take part in a body shot challenge against Ryan Garcia.

ORIGINAL POST: https://www.boxingnews24.com/2020/06/ryan-garcia-sends-jake-paul-to-the-hospital-after-bodyshot-challenge/

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