Manny Pacquiao fight likened to Gennadiy Golovkin facing a heavyweight

Boxing legend Manny Pacquiao facing the formidable Gennadiy Golovkin has been likened to the Kazakh puncher agreeing to fight a heavyweight. Pacquiao was linked to a battle with ‘GGG’ following words spoken by trainer Freddie Roach, although many took the very notion of the bout in jest. Campaigning at 147 pounds, Pacquiao could drop as low as super-lightweight. Whilst Golovkin can also fluctuate between 154 and 168. Therefore, it was suggested that Golovkin could boil down to super-welterweight if Pacquiao does what he did in 2010 against Antonio Margarito. The Filipino Senator took on the Mexican for the world crown at 154 and arguably put in his best career performance. Pacquiao completely annihilated the bigger man. That was a decade ago, though, and Pacquiao is now 41. Part of his coaching team, Justin Fortune, was recently asked his thoughts on Pacquiao potentially rolling back the years. “I didn’t know if Freddie was joking. It’s a 147-pounder against a full-fledged middleweight. I mean, it’s not like an ordinary man away. Golovkin is a good, best at middleweight. So, I don’t know. I doubt it,” Fortune explained to The Manila Times. “I will recommend against it. It’s a 147-pounder against, like I said, a full-fledged middleweight. And you know that Manny is very fast and punches very, very hard. “But I think Golovkin punches very, very hard, too. If I was a middleweight, I wouldn’t go fighting a heavyweight, that would be silly,” he added.


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